Hello and welcome! It’s Bruce Moores here with an opportunity you’re probably not going to believe is real at first.

I didn’t. But here’s what skeptical me found:

To start, I’d like to have my company send you a Nice Gift because…

“Giving” is Easier & More Profitable than Selling.

Most people are uncomfortable with selling, but anyone can feel good about Giving a Gift that has REAL VALUE.

That’s our business model, and it starts with The Company’s True Pay It Forward Program… “with one slight twist”:

Our Company Pays It Forward For ALL Of Its Independent Associates.

Here’s what I mean…

1.) We Give You A Free Business – No Cost To Become An Independent Associate, Or To Get Started.

2.) Award Winning, 3rd Party Tested Products – Manufactured in our company’s own FDA & USDA inspected facility.

3.) A TRUE FREE SAMPLE PROGRAM. When you become an independent associate, the company instantly gives you Credits to “gift” other people with 1 of our 4 product sample choices. These are not single use samples. The company pays the shipping and sends the sample on your behalf.

*No obligation for you or the person you “gift”.

4.) No Monthly Fees For Your Marketing System Or Website

5.) No Purchase Is Required – You never have to buy products, though we hope you will for your health’s sake.

6.) FREE Shipping – On 1st product orders (In The USA & US Territories) and free shipping on all Smartship orders.

7.) Free Pro Sales System

8.) Free Professional Prospecting System

9.) Free 1-on-1 Company Provided Coaching

10.) Free Pro Network Marketing Course

11.) Company Exclusive Real Time Lead Program Available – If Needed. Excellent Over-the-Shoulder training on how to enroll 20-25% of leads we supply in as little as 10-45 minutes a day.

12.) 15 Ways To Earn – The pay plan is MORE THAN GENEROUS for all associates from beginners to big hitters.

Why Would a Company Do ALL This For Its Independent Associates?

First, because they can afford to and second, because they wanted to. This is not a typical networking company started by former distributors from their home or garage. This is a 30 year old nutraceutical company with its own FDA & USDA inspected manufacturing facility in the United States with Over 1,000,000 Happy Customers Worldwide.

The company’s owner understood that the two biggest challenges many people face today are their physical & financial health. So, he made a decision to start his own home business division to address the latter.

If you or someone you know might benefit from an opportunity like this… Reply “Yes” in the form below to receive details by text and email including our 4 valuable GIFT options for you to choose from and see why…

“Giving” is Easier & More Profitable than Selling.


Bruce Moores